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Icon as the title


The gk_creativity Image Show style allows you to use the Font Awesome icons in the slide titles.


To achieve this effect you have to use the following syntax in the title/text:








In the above example we have used the following settings

Slide 1

Image: #7484ff

Title: [icon-cog,48]

Text: For every slide you can set different icon

Slide 2

Image: #81ac8b

Title: [icon-hand-right,48]

Text: You can use every Font Awesome icon

Slide 3

Image: #68b5ff

Title: [icon-mobile-phone,48,wibrateanim2]

Text: The icons can be animated too...

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Somojo Magazine

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Somojo Music

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Somojo Music

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Somojo Magazine

Somojo Magazine is looking for new music reviewers to join the team.
Also on the look out for Kent, UK, based models and stylists for future fashion photo shoots.

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