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Holga Lomo Toy image and video grading Look Up Tables

A collection of 100 LUTs that can easily be applied to your images, footage or 3d renders. You can load these LUT files into many leading digital content creation tools including Photoshop, Luminar 2018, Affinity Photo, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Hitfilm Pro, Da Vinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Nuke, Fusion, and many more.
Easy to apply, allowing photographers, videographers and vloggers to customize their colour grading and image styling to quickly create their own unique look.

100 3D LUTs in .CUBE file format, available in the following colour profiles

Adobe RGB (1998) Buy Now - £19.95
ProPhoto Buy Now - £19.95
Rec 709 gamma 2.2 Buy Now - £19.95
Rec 709 gamma 2.4 Buy Now - £19.95
sRGB IEC61966-2.1 Buy Now - £19.95
Sony S-Gamut3 S-Log3 Buy Now - £19.95
Sony S-Gamut3.Cine S-Log3 Buy Now - £19.95

System requirements - MAC / PC

Immediate download after purchase.

This product is an instant digital download and is non refundable.
You can download a zip file containing the presets after you’ve completed the purchase.

Compatible applications
These presets can be used with the following photo and video editing software on PC and Mac systems:

Adobe Photoshop (CS6 and later) | Adobe After Effects (CS6 and later) | Adobe Premiere Pro (CS6 and later) | Adobe SpeedGrade
Affinity Photo | Avid Media Composer (7 and later) | The Foundry NUKE | DaVinci Resolve | CineForm GoPro Studio Premium
CyberLink ColorDirector 4 | Sony Vegas 12 | Final Cut Pro X | HitFilm 4 | Hitfilm 4 Express | Reallusion iClone
Any image, video or 3D software that supports .CUBE files.
*Some software applications may need additional add-ons or plugins to enable the use of LUTs. Please check before purchase.

After you have a applied a LUT to your image or video you can adjust settings in your software to fine tune the final result.

Please bear in mind that not all presets suit all images or video clips.
3D LUTs are designed to enhance your image and video and will not always look best upon instant application.
Adjustment of exposure, white balance and camera profile settings may be necessary after applying a 'LUT' to get the desired look.

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